The last barbecue of the year is a tempting one to leave as is, but you are risking severe annoyance come your first barbecue in Spring, and more importantly you will shorten the life of your beloved grilling machine.

 Life will be much easier if the dirt is loosened before scrubbing. A quick way to achieve this is to scrub at the end of a cookout when the charcoal bbq is still warm, and the grime hasn t had time to cake on yet.

If you are still entertaining and don t fancy it, or just forget, then there are still options available. For lidded barbecues, a neat way of softening up dirt is to place a water-soaked newspaper or equivalent inside and use a gentle heat again for 30 minutes or so. This will basically steam clean the entire inside, and you will laugh as you gently wipe the dirt afterwards. Obviously this is easy for gas models, but if you have charcoal try using a few small pieces of wood or other easily combustible material to get some heat going, or just a few coals if you must.